HILLBILLY RACER - rigid frame project year 1952 with many details

It is now over five years ago when a good buddy came to Fabian Müller with the idea of building an old Shovel. It should be a rigid frame from the 50s, which does not have to meet common standards such as turn signals or regulations for the exhaust. In addition, two huge big-spoke wheels from TTS, all raw, without big bells and whistles. So much for the base. When this chassis stood on the lifting platform of the Müllers, one could already guess that this would be a cool machine. And although Müller Motorcycle AG usually specializes in the development and production of parts, this project tickled the fingers of everyone involved.

So at some point Fabian had the daring idea "Man, with this part we could take part in the Biker Built Off in Bad Salzuflen". No sooner said than done, but at some point in the course of time Fabian got it into his head that a Biker Built Off bike absolutely needs a paint job. And so it was decided without further ado to build not just one bike, but two. For the Biker Built Off the "DEEP THROAT" was built and for said buddy the "HILLBILLY RACER" presented here.

The name is quite program with this bike. "Hillbilly" describes, among other things, "a free, unbowed citizen who lives in the mountains, doesn't have much to say, dresses the way he knows how, talks the way he knows how, drinks whiskey when he gets it, and blasts through the neighborhood as he pleases." You don't shoot through the neighborhood today like you did back in the Wild West, but the association is quite appropriate with this exhaust. Due to the non-existent restriction, it consists only of a manifold with two 3D-milled panels at the end - nothing else. The sound that comes out of it can probably imagine every Harley enthusiast.

Less to do with understatement is the engine. The overhauled Shovelhead was stroked to 1,600ccm and brings decent steam. Which you first have to get running with the kicker, because an electric starter has no place on such a bike, of course. The rocker boxes are a custom brass build from Chopper Kulture. The same goes for the front and rear lights. Brass was used here a lot, but it sets the accents on such a raw bike.

For the handlebars, individual plate segments were welded together, the electronics as well as the throttle and clutch controls were relocated to the inside, and the whole thing was pressed into a downward-drawn shape. Here the cockpit is absolutely clean - a feature that is easy to implement for production motorcycles with Müller's inboard cables. Even the lever for the front brake is missing. This is controlled via a control valve together with the rear brake via the right foot lever.

Speaking of foot levers. Fabian Müller came up with something very special for these. For the first time, he used aluminum and brass together in one part. Subsequently, 3D grooves were milled and handles and detents made of solid brass were mounted. Anyone who wants to find a series part on this bike will have to search a long time. Because here almost everything was designed, made and adapted in the smallest and finest handwork. Even the open belt drive, the brakes for front and rear wheel - together with the brake discs, the pushrod covers, the camshaft cover, the primary cover, the speedometer housing and many other small highlights such as the spark plug holder.

For the sheet metal parts Sebastian Attenberger from Traditional Motors was on board, who also made the sheet metal parts of the DEEP THROAT. But simply doing everything twice was not an option. The tank was made a bit bigger, the oil tank was moved to the rear fender, and the seat is a special construction made of spring steel that springs when riding and can be locked in place when stationary. It doesn't look particularly comfortable at first glance, but Alex, the bike's owner, swears that it's super comfortable and that even long distances are no problem for him. Well, this just shows that a real hillbilly really needs neither bells and whistles nor comfort. 


In this video we have presented you again all the highlights of the bike:

>>> Video HILLBILLY RACER - please click here! <<<


And here again all the info and special features to the bike:


  • Built by: Müller Motorcycle AG
  • Owner: Alexander Kessler
  • Idea: Alexander Kessler
  • Engine: orig. HD Shovelhead
  • Chassis/Frame: H-D Wishbone rigid frame, year 1952
  • Cylinder head covers: Chopper Kulture (brass)
  • Pushrod covers: Müller Motorcycle AG
  • Exhaust system/manifold: Traditional Motors (Sebastian Attenberger)
  • Camshaft cover: Müller Motorcycle AG (Magneto-Design)
  • Kickarm: Müller Motorcycle AG (alloy/brass)
  • Primary cover: Müller Motorcycle AG
  • Clutch: Barnett Skorpion Lock-Up Clutch
  • Front fork: Accessories Springer fork
  • Handlebars: Custom made Müller Motorcycle AG in leaf spring look - special feature throttle+clutch as twist grip with Bowden cables routed in the handlebars
  • Wheels: TTS Motorcycles - vo./hi: 3,5x23" Big Spoke
  • Tires: vo./hi.: 130/60 R 23 AVON Cobra AV 71
  • Front brake disc: Müller Motorcycle AG Full Floating brake discs
  • Rear brake disc: Pinion brake disc Müller Müller Motorcycle AG
  • Front brake caliper: Müller 4-piston brake
  • Rear brake caliper: Müller pinion brake
  • Gas tank: Traditional Motors
  • Oil lines: Traditional Motors
  • Rear fender with integrated oil tank: Traditional Motors
  • Handlebar grips: Müller Motorcycle AG "Edition BBO
  • Footrest system: Müller Motorcycle AG
  • Front light: Chopper Culture
  • Rear light: Chopper Culture
  • Display instruments: Motogadget
  • Seat: Traditional Motors
Tags: Custom Bike, Harley-Davidson
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