It is now over five years ago when a good buddy came to Fabian Müller with the idea of building an old Shovel. It should be a rigid frame from the 50s, which does not have to meet common standards such as turn signals or regulations for the exhaust.
Our parts have several goals: they should make the bike more beautiful, more driving fun and also provide more safety. Achieve a great effect with small changes. With little effort, create a unique one-of-a-kind from a series bike
Probably the biggest challenge for us so far was the participation in the "Biker Built of" in December 2015 in Bad Salzuflen. Until now, the focus of Müller Motorcycle AG has always been on parts development and production. But with this, we embarked ...


The HALESTORM project was created on the basis of a Breakout. Equipped with countless high-quality parts, it shows how extraordinary a series Harley can be. Especially the very special triple clamp for Öhlins shocks make a powerful impression ...
When two brothers share a passion, but each implements individually, exciting things arise. So we have created on the basis of our show bike - a Dyna Street Bob in white - the matching counterpart to it in complete black.
This time came ne Night Rod on the lifting platform. "Discreet but still fat it should be" was the wish of the customer. And with these parts / conversions, this was put on the legs:
The name says it all here, as it loosely translates as "beautiful girl". And although the model next to the bike is not bad parents, the name refers rather to the bobber next to it.

Dyna "28 Bobber"

Custom bikes are complex and expensive! Not always! With our current Dyna conversion, we wanted to create a great bike with as little financial effort as possible. The result was the "28 Bobber"

Cannibal - The promo bike from Performance Tools

This custom bike was built by our partner Penz Custombikes in Austria. The client was Performance Tools, who wanted a representative promotion bike. The result was the "Cannibal", in which our parts could not be missing.

"El Cuero" - Beautiful woman

The Harley scene is male-dominated, but more and more women are discovering the joy of riding and are no longer just "nice accessories". For all the ladies who love to ride, we have built this motorcycle
The older ones among us will still remember that in the 90s there was a Harley-Davidson Sportster Cup, which was held on many race tracks in Europe. Men without nerves rode modified Sportys according to strict technical regulations for fame and glory, ...
The White-Custom is the first conversion project of Fabian Müller. Just in time for the European Bikeweek 2009 in Faak am See, the bike was completed.