Oceanic - Dyna Street Bob with that certain something

Our parts have several goals: they should make the bike more beautiful, more driving fun and also provide more safety. Achieve a great effect with small changes. With little effort, create a unique one-off from a standard bike. How this succeeds, our latest conversion project "Oceanic" shows once again in an excellent way. 

It was given a new face with our Bob Style triple clamp. The fork bridge is made of solid, best aluminum and stretches the chassis with 5° rake forward in length. Our driving test at the Dekra proves that the driving behavior and curve stability are optimally maintained. Many customers even describe to us that the handling and cornering behavior is improved even more and you thus have even more fun on the road. No wonder, after all, in this part over 30 years of experience in triple clamp construction. 

Of course, our aluminum risers and the internal throttle cable (incl. parts approval!) may not be missing here. We have also installed our internal clutch for show purposes. The clutch is controlled by a rotary movement analogous to the throttle cable, which eliminates the clutch lever. This results in a maximum clean look in the handlebar area. The Power Clutch facilitates the clutching additionally, so that this clutch variant is also drivable. The clutch is gladly converted back to "normal", so with clutch lever! 

The finish on the handlebars are our aluminum grips (for internal throttle cable) and handlebar end indicators and mirrors, as well as control panels from motogadget. So you can see that despite internal cables this all can be installed additionally.

The rests were comfortably moved forward by 280mm with our steel footrest system. The 6-piston brake "beast" and floating brake disc provide the best deceleration values and braking power. 

To make the good piece even more striking, we have installed a 5.5x18" rear wheel rim from TTS with 200 wide tires. With rear, air suspension and seat shell from Thunderbike. The seat itself is custom made by our upholsterer Märkl. The blue stitching perfectly matches the subtle, yet eye-catching paint job by Airvolution from Austria. For the license plate, we again opted for a holder from Delta Parts. This has long been our 1st choice for all our bike conversions. Proven quality and shapely optics stand out here. 

Now one or the other may still wonder what it has to do with the name. Our bikes are not only objects for us, but also tell a little story. The "Oceanic" was the largest passenger ship in the world at the end of the 19th century. It originated from the shipping company "White Star Line", which became famous above all for its later ship "Titanic". The credo of the builder Thomas Ismays for the "Oceanic" was that "only the very best" was used here. And so we have followed this credo with our "Oceanic", and also built only the very best. 

Nevertheless, her price is within an affordable range and she also has a decisive advantage: she cannot sink so easily. 



Base: Dyna Street Bob, year 2016

Mueller Parts:

  • Bob Style Wide Glide triple clamp, 5° rake
  • 50mm aluminum riser
  • Müller handlebar w. Inside throttle cable 
  • Inner clutch cable
  • Power Clutch Clutch Ease
  • 6-piston front brake
  • Floating brake discs front and rear
  • Footrest system with detents
  • Aluminum grips

Further Parts:

  • Motogadget M-Blaze disc turn signal (front)
  • Motogadget M-Blaze Pin turn signal (rear)
  • Motogadget M-Switch Mini
  • Motogadget Rear View Mirror
  • Thunderbike rear
  • Thunderbike Air Suspension
  • Thunderbike seat shell
  • Seat upholstered by Sattlerei Märkl (Karlshuld)
  • Delta Parts side license plate holder
  • 5,5x18" rear wheels from TTS with 200 wide tires
  • Paintwork: Airvolution, Bernhard Laschober, AT

Price: 22.900,-€

Tags: Custom Bike, Harley-Davidson
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