Softail frame structure LA CHICA BONITA - in German: schönes Mädchen (beautiful girl)

Report from EASYRIDERS 10/2014

The name says it all here, as it loosely translates as "beautiful girl. And although the model next to the bike isn't bad either, the name refers more to the bobber next to it. The guys from Müller Motorcycles have equipped it with the very finest parts in order to demonstrate their skills and to be able to extensively test their own parts.

Müller Motorcycles stands for many primarily for numerous accessories and detail solutions in custom bike construction. This is true, of course, and these can be demonstrated much more easily on a living object, or rather on a custom bike, than a catalog ever could. Apart from that, the build probably wasn't done without a great deal of self-interest. Because the guys (and gals) from the Bavarian Königsmoos are, at least as far as motorcycles are concerned, all clearly radiated. A passion for motorcycles and custom bike building is almost a prerequisite for the employees of this family business. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the crew live will unreservedly confirm this. Only those who ride and screw themselves also know very well what can be improved and how to design things more beautiful and practical. At some point, for example, one got stuck in stop-and-go traffic. As is so often the case, it didn't take long for the power in the left hand to wear off. The result at the time was the Müller Power Clutch. A simple but effective aid that significantly reduces the clutch forces to be applied. Or the conversion kit, with which the throttle cable can be perfectly relocated in the handlebar tube. (See also the tech report in the October issue of Easyriders)


Let's turn our attention back to the "beauty" pictured here. And again we mean the bike and not the grace, whose contact details we will exceptionally reveal at the end of this article. The idea and the concept for the oven comes from Fabian Müller, we had mentioned that it is a family business ...

The frame comes from Penz Custombikes and was equipped with a Springer fork. And this is where you should take another closer look. The triple clamps are made by Müller. The special feature of the X-Cross bridges is that the 13-degree inclined riser mounts can already be installed very short risers from 50 mm. At the extremely clean handlebar you see so little only because one has mounted here of course the in-house conversion kit for internal throttle cables. So that the clutch cable also disappears at the left end of the handlebar, a prototype for a similar kit was installed. As you can see, Bavaria never sleeps and you can expect another gimmick from Königsmoos soon.


Among the parts that you can find in the hot-off-the-press Müller catalog are the risers, the handlebar grips and fittings as well as the brake system. The stoppers are 6-piston brakes, which are listed under the aptly named Beast. Together with the frame, Penz also supplied the oil tank, as well as the front and rear fenders. The gas tank, on the other hand, was pulled from the shelves of Harley-Davidson and was originally intended to adorn a Sporty. The scrubber also gets the special look of the old days from the wheel combination. At the front rotate 21 inch and in the rear 16 inch Big Spoke wheels.

We could go on for ages listing other details that the Müller crew has installed on the "Chica Bonita". We will refrain from doing so at this point. After all, you can take a look at the fancy pictures for yourselves. But we mentioned at the beginning that we will not withhold the contact details of the model from you and of course we keep our word. It's Eva-Maria, the daughter of the company's founder, who, as befits a family business, is of course working in her parents' business. Forget any thoughts that might end in a relationship of any kind, the lady is already happily engaged. Nevertheless, with her Werner Müller has once again proven that he can not only build good motorcycles ...


Text: Peter Schulz

Photos: Frank Sander


Technical Data


Design: Fabian Müller

Manufacturer: Müller Motorcycle AG

Year of manufacture: 2013

Model: Softail

Assembly:Klaus Schreiber

Time: 3 weeks


Manufacturer: Harley Davidson

Type: H-D Evolution

Displacement: 1340ccm

Air filter: Made by Pistor / K&N Filter

Exhaust: Python

Transmission: 6 speed

Year of manufacture: 2013

Manufacturer: Rev-Tech


Paintings / Custompainter: Bernhard Laschober (Airvolution), Austria


Fork: Springer fork with Müller X-Cross triple clamp upper part

Wheel front

Manufacturer: Big Spoke

Size / Dimension: 21 "x3.5

Tires: 120/70/21

Brakes: Müller 6 piston brakes "Beast

Wheel rear:

Manufacturer: Big Spoke

Size / Dimension: 16 "x6

Tires: 200x60x16

Brakes: Müller 6 piston brakes "Beast


Handlebar: Fehling

Handlebar fittings: Custom made Müller Motorcycle AG

Riser: Müller 50mm aluminum riser

Mudguard front: Aluminum

Mudguard rear: Penz (Customized by Müller Motorcycle)

Headlight: Accessories

Footrests: Müller Motorcycle AG

Tank: H-D Sportster

Oil tank: Penz

Seat: Custom made by Fa. Märkl, Karlshuld

Grips: Müller Motorcycle AG

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