Coupling facilitation test action

You can talk a lot, but experiencing something live is something else. That's why we started a cooperation with our dealers at the beginning of the season. They have installed our Hydro Clutch or Power Clutch clutch facilitation in their demonstration motorcycles. Depending on whether the motorcycle has a hydraulic or a classic Bowden cable clutch. Both clutch facilitators bring up to 45% relief when pulling the clutch. They are invisible and maintenance-free installed and allow an enormous relief when driving.

To this day, the Power Clutch is unbeaten in the amount of relief AND perfect clutch separation. In 2003 - the year it was developed and introduced to the market - it was named "Custom Part of the Year". A title that makes us just as proud as the more than 100,000 satisfied customers who have installed them since then. In just a short time, the installation is done and you have a buttery smooth clutch.

When the first motorcycles with hydraulic clutches came on the market, many told us that there would be no need for clutch relief. But with bigger and bigger engines, even the hydraulic clutches became harder and harder to pull and so we started to develop a clutch facilitator for hydraulic clutches. The Hydro Clutch is the result and it also achieves up to 45% less effort when clutching. 

But long story short. Experience the Müller clutch relief live and in color at your local Harley dealer. Where the nearest dealer is and more information you get under this link.

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