Internal throttle cable

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Be ready for a revolution!

Unique: 6-fold bearing with four ball bearings and two plain bearings

Precise: manufactured with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre for minimum play

Incredibly light: thanks to a special Bowden cable, it is absolutely smooth-running even with the most extreme Z-handlebars and APE-hangers

Combines ultimate riding comfort AND a cable-free look. Because there are hotter eye-catchers than annoying Bowden cables!


  • excellent smooth running
  • sophisticated technology - utility model protected
  • Handlebar end turn signals can be installed
  • available for aluminium and rubber grips
  • for all inch handlebars with cable grommet
  • with throttle adjustment screw - for easy readjustment of the throttle play
  • Delivery includes 135cm special bowden cable, can be shortened as desired
  • a longer Bowden cable is also available on request

In laboratory tests, endurance tests and TÜV strength tests the precision throttle twist grip shone with top marks. All parts have been carefully selected and guarantee highest quality. Thanks to the flexible Teflon-coated Bowden cable, the throttle grip can be installed even on the most extreme handlebars and still guarantees excellent lightness. The double-guided ball bearings on two sides ensure an even pull on the gas. All common handlebar end turn signals can be installed, such as Kellermann and motogadget. In conjunction with the m-Blaze turn signals, for example, you get a very discreet, clean front.

We recommend to have the installation done by a professional workshop! Or send us your handlebar and we will do the installation for you, price 99,-€ incl. VAT => except Z-handlebars. These will be charged according to effort!

For workshops and experienced hobbyists we offer a special mounting kit. This makes cutting the handlebars and drilling holes much easier. 


Due to frequent inquiries we would like to inform you that the supplied strength certificate is a certification that our throttle grip meets the requirements of such a component and that the strength is guaranteed. It is not a TÜV certificate in the conventional sense! Please do not drive up to the TÜV and ask for registration! 

Info / requirements for mounting

  • Handlebar with cable gland
  • The groove for mounting the armature must start at 150 mm at the earliest (measured from the right end of the handlebar). => From experience we know that this is not possible with some Fehling handlebars!
  • When mounting, the right grip with throttle cable intake is omitted and is replaced by a clean left grip (not included).
    => We recommend our aluminium grips for inboard throttle cable

For questions, suggestions and wishes just contact us! We are gladly there for you!

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