Internal twist grip, left side (clutch, brake)

Internal twist grip, left side (clutch, brake)
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We make revolutionary things!

The internal throttle cable internal throttle cable has revolutionized customizing. Finally, no more compromise between design and functionality.

Now we continue this success with the counterpart for the left side. With it, you can also make the clutch disappear into the inside of the handlebar or control a brake. An absolutely clean handlebar is the result - not only for leading customizers who use our parts on their winning bikes. 

Through a mirrored geometry, adapted helical groove and reinforced ball bearings, this part can also take on the forces of a clutch. A MUST when it comes to handlebar optics. Instead of a clunky clutch lever, the whole mechanism disappears invisibly in the handlebar.

The twist grip is pre-equipped for handlebar end turn signals. And who wants can also install additional handlebar end mirrors with the optional collar screw.

If you want to leave the clutch as it is, you can also use this twist grip to control a brake. 

=> ATTENTION: this part may only be used for "show purposes" and has no road approval!!!

Advantages of the internal twist grip:

  • excellentsmoothness
  • unique technology - utility model protected
  • 6-fold bearing with four ball bearings and two plain bearings
  • for all inch handlebars with cable gland
  • incl. special bowden cable, can be shortened as desired
  • incl. throttle adjustment screw 
  • incl. pre-equipment for handlebar end turn signals
  • optional adapter for clamping 1" handlebar end mirrors

We recommend to have the installation done by a professional workshop! Or send us your handlebar, and we take the installation for you, price 99,-€ incl. VAT => excluded are Z-handlebars. These will be charged according to effort!

For workshops and experienced hobbyists, we offer a special assembly kit. This makes the cutting of the handlebar as well as the setting of holes enormously easier. 

Tip for the use of the internal twist grip on the left side:

For optimum power transmission, aluminum grips should be used! For large engines with hard clutch, we recommend the use of our Power Clutch! A further relief can bring lighter clutch springs.

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