Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam

Vorschau: Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam Vorschau: Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam Vorschau: Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam Video Video
Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam
Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam
Lowering device for Evo/Twin-Cam
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From the inventor of the first adjustable lowering kit!

For all Harley-Davidson FXST/FLST models, also Breakout! This gives you a casual look and personal riding feel. Proven for decades due to excellent fitting accuracy and best workmanship. Go for the original!

Update 2014

On the models with ABS and muffler flap control, the converted space at the shock absorber is very limited. Therefore, we have made a modification to the lowering device so that the set screw can be screwed together about 10mm further. This causes the shock absorber to be easily inserted during installation.


A strut press/workshop press is required for installation, so installation should be carried out by an appropriate specialist workshop. Müller lowering kits are also available at Harley and Customizing dealers!
For workshops we offer our strut press. This press is designed for the installation of lowerers on M8 models and can also be used for the installation of Evo and Twin Cam lowerers with the help of this adapter.


  • individually adjustable from 0 - 40mm incl. parts certificate
  • for show purposes a lowering up to 80mm is possible
  • no pressing of the original bearings at EVO models => we deliver the lowering device incl. mounted bearings
  • Height adjustment even when installed on Twin-Cam models
  • Suspension can be raised up to 30mm on Twin-Cam models

Note: for the 2018 models we have made a complete new development of the lowering device, see lowering device for Milwaukee Eight models!

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