Power Clutch

Vorschau: 120-10 - alle HD ab Bj. 1987 (außer Sportster & Buell) Vorschau: 120-20 - Sportster & Buell Bj. 1984 - 1993 Vorschau: 120-30 - Sportster & Buell ab Bj. 1994 Vorschau: 120-40 - alle HD ab Bj. 1987 mit Right-Side-Drive Getriebe Vorschau: Power Clutch Video Video Video Video Video Video
120-10 - alle HD ab Bj. 1987 (außer Sportster & Buell)

120-10 - alle HD ab Bj. 1987 (außer Sportster & Buell)

120-20 - Sportster & Buell Bj. 1984 - 1993

120-20 - Sportster & Buell Bj. 1984 - 1993

120-30 - Sportster & Buell ab Bj. 1994

120-30 - Sportster & Buell ab Bj. 1994

120-40 - alle HD ab Bj. 1987 mit Right-Side-Drive Getriebe

120-40 - alle HD ab Bj. 1987 mit Right-Side-Drive Getriebe

Power Clutch
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  • 120-10
Produktinformationen "Power Clutch"

Recovery for the fingers AND a cleanly separating clutch! Only the original Power Clutch makes this possible!

Once you have ridden with the "Power Clutch", you will never want to ride without it again. The clutch relief made by Müller is probably the most useful invention of the last 15 years and awarded as "Custompart of the Year".

Many know the problem: you are on an extended motorcycle tour, scrubs the passes up and down, enjoys the great weather and the landscape, has real fun in the curves and later at the well-deserved stop then the fingers are noticeable. Or when stop-and-go traffic is once again announced and you are permanently attached to the clutch.

In our opinion, a Harley-Davidson is the greatest motorcycle in the world, but the large displacement unfortunately also has the disadvantage that it requires a strong clutch. Sure, we often hear the objection that a clutch lighter is only necessary if you don't have enough muscle. But there are also many women, people with disabilities or just those who simply want to make life easier. After all, no one does without power steering anymore just because they theoretically have the strength to ride without it. So why make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself when riding a Harley is so easy? And besides, no one can see from the outside whether a power clutch is installed or not.

Problem: heavy clutch > Solution: the best clutch lightener on the market

By an average of 40% - on the new HD models from 2018 even by 45 - 50% (!) - the Power Clutch makes clutching easier and is installed completely invisibly. The secret: a revised geometry of the ball pockets as it is unique in this form on the market, because this technology is patent and utility model protected. Where other clutch facilitations bring the disadvantage that the clutch later no longer separates properly, the Power Clutch offers optimal separation AND a buttery smooth clutch. Installation is super quick with skilled wrenches and aching fingers are a thing of the past once and for all.


  • lifetime warranty
  • on average 40% less hand force when clutching the Harley Davidson® >> with the new models from Bj. 2018 even 45-50%!!!
  • fast, easy installation
  • Harley® Custom Part Of The Year 2003
  • US Patent No. 6,889,810
  • also available for RSD (Right Side Drive) transmission
  • already over 100.000 satisfied customers!

Update 2021: The Power Clutch fits also on all new 2021 models (except Pan America) and achieves on average a 45%relief when pulling the clutch !

Detailed information about the installation can be found in the installation instructions.

Note: does not work on motorcycles with hydraulic clutch! Here we offer the clutch relief Hydro Clutch, see Hydro Clutch

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Jan 24, 2022

power clutch

i have road glide special 2021, which one power clutch i use ?

Jan 16, 2022

Power clutch

Good morning the power clutch art. 120-10 is suitable for my HD FXBBS (Street bob 2021) motorcycle with 114 "engine. Thank you for your reply.

Admin Jan 20, 2022

Hello Alberto,
Yes, it would fit your model as well ;)

Feb 12, 2020

Service Spitzenklasse! Erfahrungsbericht erfolgt nach Einbau!

Der Service bei Nachfragen zum Kauf und Einbau, war sehr schnell mit der Beantwortung, sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit, kompetent und ausführlich. Das schöne Wetter muss endlich kommen! Wenn das Teil eingebaut ist und ich endlich wieder fahren kann, gibt es hier noch den Erfahrungsbericht! Bei der kompetenten Beratung zweifle ich gar nicht, dass das Teil hält was es verspricht.

Nov 20, 2019

ich bin überwältigt kuppeln geht super leicht

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Hydro Clutch die Kupplungserleichterung für Milwaukee-Eight Hydro Clutch
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